the brand

Amali is a collection of remarkable jewelry featuring natural gemstones in handmade 18k yellow gold settings. For Amáli Jewelry, the stone comes first. Sara (the designer's) settings are individually handmade, never cast, so that she can custom fit each 18k yellow gold setting to its stone, building a one-of-a-kind artwork around each special gem. 

Every Amáli jewel is handmade to precisely craft each element of the piece, down to individual gold head pins and jump rings.

Sara’s philosophy is that jewelry should be comfortable and easy to wear. These treasures are meant to be enjoyed every day, rather than being tucked away in a safe.

the designer

Amáli designer Sara Freedenfeld discovered her passion for jewelry while backpacking across South America. As she traversed the Andes mountains, hiking under the wide-open sky, Sara took in the beauty of the natural landscape and her imagination caught fire.  

In Chile, Sara met a macramé artist who taught her the art of using knotted string to join found objects, from the mountains, to create jewelry. Months later, Sara met a metalworker on a Venezuelan beach who taught her how to link and mold metal in exchange for lessons in macramé. 

As Sara traded knowledge with fellow artists beside the azure waters of the Caribbean, the inspiration for the textile-inspired aesthetic that would become her signature style took root deep in her mind. Sara returned home determined to create a line of jewelry that would unite the natural simplicity of handcrafted artistry with the sophistication and glamour of high fashion. 

That seed of an idea flourished into Amáli Jewelry as it is today. Sara and her husband Daniel run the company together, with a small dedicated team and the loving enthusiasm of their young daughter. 

“Sometimes I am bewildered that these awe-inspiring specimens come out of the earth and clay. I try to design with simplicity, framing each natural masterpiece so that the stone remains center stage.” 

– Sara Freedenfeld