our philosophy

we believe

our clients are the center of our universe.

Our clients drive everything we do. Every designer and collection at D.C. Johnson Ltd. is meticulously chosen, and our studio offers an experience like no other.

The result is ultimate self-expression for our clients.

relationships come first.

We offer a shopping experience that is exceptionally rare in the jewelry industry.  In contrast to other retail jewelers, we removed the traditional showcase from the equation to allow us the opportunity to focus on building the relationship first. We believe that we need to get to know you on a personal level to help you find the right piece.

clients deserve an exclusive experience.

We provides a one of a kind, boutique jewelry buying experience for you, our client. Purchasing a piece of jewelry or a watch should be a personal, relaxed and thoughtful experience... in a beautiful setting.

a boutique should offer fine & rare collections

The designers we carry are only found in exclusive boutiques around the world including NYC, L.A., Paris, London, and Florence to name a few. Our collections therefore are unique, hard to find, and of exceptional quality. This is why our designer list is so selective. You will find some of the most chic designers in contemporary fine jewelry at D.C. Johnson Ltd. We choose our designers as much as they choose us. This mutual affection results in stunning finds for our clients.