Marla Aaron

Marla Aaron makes jewelry and other objects in New York City. Marla launched the collection in 2012 when her combined obsessions with bridges, hardware and jewelry could no longer be ignored. What began with one lock is now an entire collection designed to be worn in infinite ways.

This collection is available in only a "small but mighty list of independent boutiques around the world."

D.C. Johnson is the only boutique in the Midwest to offer Marla Aaron.

the marla aaron locks

The locks are the heroes and the original concept for the entire Marla Aaron collection. Once Marla realized she could morph the shape of a hardware store carabiner in a myriad of ways, the collection became a reality.

They are strong, hand crafted, and can be worn in infinite ways.

the guide

While the locks are the bedrock of the collection, Marla Aaron offers chains, strands, and charms. The options are endless.

Charms help us commemorate the past and celebrate the present. They all swivel and are engravable. They realize their full potential when combined in a personal way.