jade trau

A New York City native, Jade is a self-identified 47th Street girl. It’s where she feels at home and it’s in her blood; it’s where the artistry of jewelry making starts and where her familial legacy began. Starting her career as a diamond buyer, Jade’s holistic understanding of the diamond sourcing process plays a pivotal role in how she discerningly selects her stones for each collection.

Known for her signature Alchemy Riviera Necklaces, modern takes on engagement rings, and casual luxe must-haves, Jade Trau is quickly defining what the new diamond classic is. Designed to be layered together, every collection creates an authentic, easy-to-wear aesthetic that looks as good as it feels. The foundation of each design hinges on Jade’s deep diamond roots that go back generations. She uses her decades of experience to create wearable pieces crafted in 18-karat gold, platinum, and ethically-sourced diamonds assembled in her NYC workshop. That feeling of authenticity is woven throughout the brand; Jade Trau is a group of jewelry lovers that are so involved with the process and the pieces and have cultivated a familial community of retailers, craftsmen, and clients that help make up it’s e

breaking the rules of the fine jewlery world

After a decade of dealing with the art of diamonds, Jade harnessed her experience to break the rules of the fine jewelry industry and forge her own path, crafting diamond pieces rooted in familiarity while always staying fresh and new; making the ordinary feel extraordinary.